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Hello there. I am Final Fantasy XV trash now, and Prompto is my sunshine child. :D <3

Mini update

Had a trial day at The Freij Wheel in Liverpool city centre last week. They offered me a job more or less on the spot. I'm off to London for a week tomorrow, popping in to LFCC next weekend to get my picture taken with Johnny Yong Bosch (while dressed as Nero of course ;P), and then, unless I hear anything from any of the other jobs I applied to before I return, I should be able to accept the offer of employment and start work on the 2nd. :D Woot!

Went swimming again today. Still kinda getting re-used to it, after so many years, but it's fun. I'm enjoying it, and hoping to make it a weekly thing.

I was completely shattered afterwards, though. Kinda crashed in Costa and nearly fell asleep in my coffee. :\


But... things seem to be looking up so fingers crossed and all that. :D

/uses pretty bondage icon just for the hell of it.


Life update.

So... I lost the job at the Beatles Story.

I lost it just over a month ago, actually. And have been desperately job-hunting since then. I've had a couple of interviews, but not been offered anything yet. I'm currently on Universal Credit, which is JUST about covering my rent and bills and such, but basically gives me NOTHING to save or spend for the rest of the month, so... things are a bit tight at the moment. But, y'know... I'm pulling through.

The reason I lost my job is fairly long and and involved, and I actually wrote up a letter of complaint and sent it in to the company to multiple managers to make sure it was seen. So far, over three weeks later, I've heard nothing about it. I have no idea if anything is going to be said, or if the issue is going to be addressed, but... I've done my part. That's about all I can do

I'm actually going to put the complaint letter here so you guys can see what went down.

Letter of Complaint...Collapse )

But... apart from that, and daily job searching, things have been fairly relaxed. I had a friend come up to visit from London a couple of weeks ago and stay for 5 days. It was nice. :D Today I went swimming for the first time in about 15 years. My arms and back ache, but I feel this is probably a good thing. Getting some exercise and all.

So yeah... that's a quick update on the life situation. Hopefully I'll have some job news in the next one. :D


Just random stuff, I guess... yay

To preface, I consider myself Demisexual. The definition I go by is “Someone who is basically Asexual most of the time and doesn’t experience sexual desire or attraction to a person UNLESS a deep, emotional and romantic connection is formed and established first.”

Randomly, I was thinking about it on the way home, and felt the need to ramble a little.

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Life update

  • Work is still going well. Been there about 2 and a half months, now. They've bumped me up to 25 hours a week from 20, which means more money. Weird how much longer one extra hour makes the day feel, though. But it's all good. Heading into summer now, so the place is likely to start getting a lot busier, but... hey. I worked in the London Dungeon during summer. I can handle it. ;P Check out my view on the walk to/from work. :D

  • Living on my own is also proving awesome. I am starting to actually feel like this place is mine as opposed to a holiday flat I'm staying in for a while. Filling it with Kye Things and messing it up in just the right ways, lol.

  • Had a bad back for a little while, now. It was mostly just a little niggling ache that I could ignore, but then about 2 weeks ago it suddenly got really painful to lie down in bed, so I took to sleeping on the couch. That seemed to help at first, but then it got worse. I'm currently in a fair amount of pain, both lying down and standing up, so I went to the walk-in clinic today. They checked me out and told me it's muscular, so apply heat, gentle stretches and take painkillers. Apparently it'll clear itself up as long as I take it easy and do all of the above for a while. I mean... not the magical quick-fix I was hoping for, but... it's nice to know it's nothing serious.

  • Been having fun decorating and shabby-chic-ing furniture. I've nearly finished my side table, and I'm currently working on a corner unit, too. Pics...Collapse )

  • Got a mini house-warming party coming up next weekend. Just a couple of friends from the London Dungeon. And then hopefully another one a couple of weeks later for the friends who couldn't make this one. Looking forward to both. I'm really enjoying things up here, and I think I'm slowly making friends at work, but I do really miss my London people. <3

  • Liverpool Expo last month was.... ok? It was very small, but I expected that, since it was their first one. I really wouldn't have minded that at all, but it also seemed to be full of bootleggers, which kinda soured me on the whole thing. I ended up buying a couple bags of American candy, and this poster, which is hilarious. xD

  • So I've been checking out the Liverpool fetish scene, and there is one, but so far I've been too nervous to attend anything. There's even a Munch right next to my work, which would be convenient as fuck for me to go to, but I just can't seem to work up the courage. Which is super annoying, because it would be nice to meet like-minded perverts in a new city. :\ Maybe next month I'll finally kick my ass into gear.

    Another life update

  • Just finished my first month working at the Beatles Story. It's going really well, so far. I'm in the cafe, so it's standard barista work - making coffees, grilling sandwiches and paninis, cleaning tables, till work, basic kitchen duties, etc - but I'm enjoying it. Picked up most things fairly quickly, though preparing the food in the kitchen is still something I'm working on, lol. I did, however, come to the realisation that the ONLY difference between a latte and a cappuccino is the amount of froth we decide to put on top. In every other way it's exactly the same drink. So... now you know.

  • My manager is a HUGE anime nerd. She's massively into Attack on Titan, Code Geass and Black Butler and we became instant friends. She's invited me out to the anime club she goes to every Thursday evening, and I've already met her friends and been invited to join them at Liverpool Expo in a couple of weeks. This is both really awesome and slightly weird... I hope it doesn't make work awkward at any point. o_0

  • I'm now fully moved in to my flat. It's mostly furnished, though I'm still waiting on one or two things - a chest of drawers for the bedroom and an armchair for the lounge - but for the most part I'm pretty comfortably settled. :D I've been here for 2 weeks now, and although I do sometimes feel a bit lonely, in general I'm doing pretty well.

    Here... have some pictures. :DCollapse )

  • I mentioned it earlier, but LIVERPOOL EXPO IN 2 WEEKS!!!! ASJJAGSHGADGFDHGF!!! It's the first ever MCM in Liverpool, and I'm freaking excited! No cosplaying for me this time, since all my costumes are still down in London, but it's going to be an awesome weekend. I might be able to pick up a few wall scrolls for the flat there, too.

  • I used my new oven for the first time last night and the smoke alarm went off. WOOO!! My kitchen, it turns out, is very poorly ventilated. Cooking with the back door open in February is fucking bullshit! >:\

    That's about it. I imagine my next update will include much excited flailing over MCM and the like. Expect more pics when I've covered all my walls with posters of pretty anime boys. ;P


    Life Update and awesome stuff :D

  • Signed the lease papers and picked up the keys for my flat on the 8th. So even though I'm not technically living in it yet, the place is officially mine!! :D

  • Have spent the past week organising bills and utilities. I've set up my gas/electric with Scottish Power, internet with TalkTalk, and my water with United Utilities. TV licence I'll get when I'm properly moved in. Aiming to be moved in and settled by Feb 1st.

  • Ordered furniture (with parental help - they've been really good about supporting and helping me through this, so I've been super lucky :D) That's all due to be arriving in dribs and drabs over the next 2 weeks. TV cabinet coming tomorrow, cooker coming on Wednesday, and pretty much everything else should be arriving on the 26th. I'll actually be in London on the 26th, so I'll have to beg friends VERY nicely to hang about in the flat on that day to accept the delivery. I will pay them in a million chocolates! :D


  • So, last month I went in for an interview at The Beatles Story - the position had been advertised as "Guest Services Officer", so I assumed it would be mainly customer service based. It turned out to be largely a security job, which I didn't want, so my plan, if they'd offered it to me, had been to tell them no, but could they keep me on their records and let me know if any customer service jobs come up in the future. I didn't hear back from them. And then on Sunday I got a call from them asking if I could like to come in for an interview for a part time cafe/customer service position. I said yes, went in for the interview on Tuesday, and was offered the job less than 10 minutes after the interview had ended. So... guess I'll be working for the Beatles Story soon, then. :D

    The position is 20 hours a week, Monday to Friday, with a high probability of more hours as we head into Spring/Easter time. Which is fine by me. :)

  • Signed up for Universal Credit today, too, so as well as the money I'll be making at the Beatles Story, I'll be getting a small top-up from that, as well. Which will be a big help while I'm looking for something full-time/waiting for more hours.

  • I've become very interested in the idea of painting furniture all shabby-chic style, so I've been doing a lot of reading and youtube-ing, and I've bought myself a small can of chalk paint, clear wax and dark wax, and the plan is to head into a local charity shop and see if I can get hold of a small table or something to practice on. Yay crafting. :D

  • It's my Birthday in 5 days! :D Woo!!


    Life updaaaaaate :D

  • Finished my Christmas job at Primark. It was interesting working there - definitely picked up a few new skills, worked with some nice people, have something new to add to my CV - but I'm definitely glad it's over. Not the kind of thing I want for the long-term. I have a small holiday in London booked in a couple of weeks time, so I'll save the proper job hunting until that's over. Ideally I'd like to have something ASAP, but Primark have said that they will very likely be calling me back on a permanant part-time basis in March/April. So, y'know... if worst comes to the worst and I haven't got anything else by then, at least I'll have a fallback.

  • Christmas was lovely. I got some really nice, useful and thoughtful gifts from my friends and family, and me and my room-mates had a nice mini-Christmas on the 19th before I headed back down to London on Christmas Eve. Made me feel all warm inside. :D

  • It's my Birthday on the 21st. I'll be 30. Good times. :D I remember being absolutely TERRIFIED of turning 20, but... I feel pretty good about 30. This pleases me. :)

  • BIG NEWS!!! I will be signing the papers for the flat on Friday, and hopefully within the next few weeks I should be fully moved in and set up. :D I'm sure there'll probably be some sort of flat-warming party in February or March. ;P


    Life update

  • Went to a flat viewing a couple of weeks ago. Liked the place a lot. It's a nice size, it's REALLY close to the train station, and within easy walking distance of friends. I've put in my application, and if everything goes through ok and the landlord approves it, I should be able to move in within a couple of weeks. :D Fingers crossed!

  • Work at Primark has been going ok. It's really not the kind of work I want to be doing, but it's something - bringing in some money over the holidays and stuff. I actually have a job interview for a Guest Services Officer position at The Beatles Story tomorrow, which is much closer to the kind of thing I'm looking for. For the time-being anyway. More hours, more money, and it's a permanent position.

  • Christmas is so soon!!! :D I'm super excited. Me and the room-mates are having a mini-Christmas to ourselves next weekend, since I'll be back in London for the actual Christmas weekend. We're going to cook a big festive meal, open our presents and watch Christmas movies. I can't wait. I have two Christmas Days to look forward to. :D

  • Heading down to London after work on the 24th, will definitely make time for Winter Wonderland while I'm down there, and then I'll be back up on the 28th.

    That's about it for updates. I'll be back with more news as things come up. :D


    Life Update. Yay.

  • Got the job at Primark, and just completed my first week. It's... alright. Fairly repetitive - mostly folding clothes and making sure the shop looks tidy. Occasionally jumping on tills when the line gets busy. Helping customers find certain items, etc... not a lot of brain work needed, but it's not the worst job I've had. Working in Morrison's was much worse. The people (and managers) here have all been lovely so far, which is nice. :D The job is 20 hours a week, monday-friday, and it's just until the end of the year. I'm hoping to have something else by then, but if I don't, and Primark ask me back, I'd probably say yes.

  • EXPO TOMORROW!! :D Super excited. I missed most of May Expo and it made me really sad, so I'm really looking forward to this one. Traveling down from Liverpool tomorrow, quickly back to my folks' place to get changed (probably into Starlord) then straight over to the Excel. :D Woo!

  • Despite only working for a week, I already have a holiday. I booked it before I found out I got the job, so work was ok with it. 11 days. Expo for 3 of them, then a week with the folks, then off to Bath for Halloween. :D

  • I bought one of these and it's FANTASTIC!!! So comfortable, I never want to get out of it in the mornings. xD

  • Still having fun roleplaying over on F-List. Meeting some new people and having my characters get into all kinds of trouble. Fun times. >:)

    That's about it for this update, but I expect there'll be lots more to update you guys on after my holiday. :D


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